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Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's time to walk the walk.... really fast!

If you're at all interested in screenplays, and I assume you are since you're reading this, then I urge you to be involved in two weeks of fun/despair/hell (delete as applicable) starting June 3rd over at 14 Day Screenplay.

The object is to do exactly what you'd expect: write a feature-length script in two short weeks. You can do as much planning as you like before, just no writing until the clock ticks over.

If you've never written before, there's more than enough info over at the site to give you a fighting chance. If you have written before then, like myself, I'll wager you find each successive script takes SO much longer than the last one. This is the perfect opportunity to shake out those cobwebs and live (and write) on your wits. And yes, it'll probably be terrible, but that's not the point.

So dust off those long-saved ideas you never really got round to and flex those typing fingers.

I'll see you there!



Blogger Matt Courtney said...

Good to see another Aussie in the screenwriting blogosphere. There's not enough of us. We're our film industries last hope.

14 Day Screenplay was a lot of fun last time so hopefully everyone will have a great time again. More people are doing it this time which is nice.


7:38 AM

Blogger James said...

I'm actually only an honorary Aussie (I'm a Pom!) but I'm happy to be anybody's last hope!


9:49 AM

Anonymous 'Partner Amy' said...

If and I quote 'Even if you've never written before...you're in with a fighting chance' - that's the case, does that mean you think a complete novice (such as myself) could partake in this 2 week challenge? Because if so, I'm tempted to say 'Bring it on!'

(God that last paragraph was badly written - sorry.)

But surely - given all the reading you've done, all the many years of learning the craft, all of the technical focus involved in writing a script - surely I couldn't do that!

Did you REALLY mean that anyone is in with a fighting chance?!

Enlighten me, please babe.


11:22 AM

Blogger James said...

Certainly. The basics of the form are nicely and clearly laid out on the site so read and absorb.

The only other thing you need is the desire and passion to see it through.

What have you got to lose (apart from 336 hours)?


2:03 PM

Blogger Matt Courtney said...

I did it last time, it was my first real attempt to write a script. I'd been talking about it for years. Get in there and give it a shot Amy. It's a lot of fun. Get involved on the forums because you'll be suprised how many people are in exactly the same boat as yourself. If you have any questions we'll be more than happy to help out.


4:40 PM

Blogger A. M. said...

Terrible? It's gonna be fun!

Of course I wouldn't do it without a detailed outline - by that I mean a beat sheet with every scene and every bit detailed. Pretty much anything but the dialogue.

Writing w/o an outline is fun - but rewriting such a script is one eternal hell. Eternal, I tell you. ;)

5:40 PM

Anonymous Amy said...

Thanks for the encouragement Anthony. However I feel I'm going to let everyone down here and not manage it. I'm a teacher and this coincides with my report writing. I fear my spare time is going to be spent writing reports and sadly not, my first ever script.

Maybe next year!!!

Good luck!

9:23 AM


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